Jesus Loves You, Seriously.

The Last Supper, Leonardo Da Vinci

God, is love. (1 John 4:16)

Jesus loves. (Romans 5:8)

We… are human, but we’re also broken.

At least, I am.

It goes to assume then, that our ability to love is also at a deficit.

We’re like souls disconnected from divinity, fighting lies of a society trying to keep us in chains. A lot of what I think about, is how to fix it.

How to fix us.

But I’ve discovered something along the way… I can’t do that.

Only God can.

We are made in His image, after all. (Gen 1:27)

ere’s the thing — God, by his very nature, is perfect

Not acts perfect, is perfect.

That might be a tough distinction today, but it’s an important one.

The reason that you shouldn’t print off counterfeits, or why an original is always worth more than a copy, is because the true nature of a thing cannot be duplicated.

Imitated, sure.

But that Agape love has to come from within.

So, to love truly is to do so from a place of internal strength. It is the purest creative act we can engage in. To make love is to create reality.

To strive for full mutual understanding.

I see you, you see me.

That’s what intimacy is.

And intimacy multiplied becomes authentic community. Groups of people committed to loving each other in spirit and in truth.

Perfect human relations.

But oh, how the turntables.


Did you know that pure gold can’t bond to anything but itself?

It’s one of the rarest elements in existence of which there is a limited amount, and it can only be fused with what matches its internal chemistry.

God to me, is like an never-ending bar of pure gold.

Our spirits are like specks. Or, like sparkles. Golden dust particles floating through space and time. Little lights reflecting the glory of infinity.

Though, our purity has been largely commandeered by corporate America. We now live in a dark world where the dollar reigns supreme.

So, specks of luminosity became impacted in the dull rock of worldly experience, and we lost our way. Love became a commodity.

The snowball effect of pop culture rendered our most beautiful parts obscene, and now we’re dealing with the skeletons of a nation whose entire history seems to be a cover up.

Dirty souls doused in perfume, then sold back to us as heroes. We grow up idolizing imperfect people, and this only contributes to the shared delusion in which we find ourselves today.

There is almost no way in our current state, that we can become one with God, to bond with Him. We’ve been compromised. Polluted.

We’re impure.

But, like 24 karat gold, God’s essence remains the same.

Today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)

Therefore we can only connect with Him if we manage to remove the impurities that cling to our being like parasites.

Fact is, we all have a tiny portion of The Divine hiding inside our weathered souls. The point of life is to find it.

Gold Crystals, perfectly bonded to it’s own chemical make up.

o, we’re dirty. Now what?

Problem is, no matter how hard we scrub, we can’t be perfect. (Rom 3:23)

I mean, we can try. But usually just end up miserable and self righteous.

That’s where Jesus’ perfection comes in handy. God made a way so we can substitute our beaten and battered souls for one that is perfect.

The cost of our spiritual messiness is infinite separation from the Author of all Life. Essentially, if we fail to present ourselves as perfect and without defect, we’re doomed to spend eternity apart from concept of love and all it entails*

*Shout out Adam and Eve.

Simply, the wages of sin, is death. (Rom 6:23)

Our lives, if seen from the birds eye view of eternity, become rendered insignificant absent a connection to what will exist forever.

Or simply put, life is meaningless if God is missing.

This is horrible news for those who committed to winning a temporary game of money making, great news for the down and out searching for a better way.

ry and imagine the most beautiful person you can. Draped in expensive clothes, pulling up in a ‘Rari.

The works.

You’re the lowly valet, and so this individual tosses you the keys.

You proceed miss the throw. You drop the keys, trip over a crack in the sidewalk, bust your lip, and knock into the stand on the way down.

You’re embarrassed.

Not at all worthy of even touching this exotic vehicle, let alone driving it.

This wealthy persons reaction should be to ignore you, or maybe to laugh.

It definitely should not be to give you the car outright.

To sacrifice this thing of incredibly high value, in hopes that you might accept them. You, on the ground, accept them, in the rare sports car…

Makes no sense, right?

If anything, we should be vying for His attention.

But with God, it’s the other way around. (1 John 4:19)

So, that’s us. Broken, and in need of eternal saving.

Some are too proud to admit their shortcomings, others are skeptical that a benevolent deity exists, and base it off their own experiences, or lack thereof.

But nobody can deny the fact that human beings are fucked up.

My entire point throughout this is to drive home the point that we need to accept ourselves as is, and begin to heal. It’s the only way.

In order to be cleansed, you‘ve gotta recognize the stains on your shirt and then throw it in the hamper. That’s all.

Once you’ve identified what needs cleaning, the rest is easy.

The Son of God provides you the perfect opportunity for full redemption, and He continues to knock, begging you to come home. (Rev 3:20)

Some say that’s just your conscious.

Others think it’s your higher self.

I don’t care what you call it, all I know is, if you don’t listen nothing can be done. So, take the air pods out for just a second, and tap into something real.

race compels this God to continue pursuing us out of love — but we, as a function of the free will He gifted us, can decide to do our own thing.

Essentially, we can ignore Him.

We have the freedom to slap the dude who bailed us out, and to go back inside our prison cells.

We can ignore the yearnings of our souls, because we’ve become convinced that the world knows better. Or some other stupid reason.

We can decide to forgo the greatest gift we could ever possibly conceive of… for the temporary thrills of an abbreviated existence.


Free will baby.

I can’t answer for you. And you can’t answer for me.

We are accountable to ourselves.

And that’s the part a lot of people don’t like.

Because it’s easy to see where others imperfections lie. A lot tougher to do the hard work of critical self assessment. (Matt 7:3)

Today, the word on my heart is; identity.. as in, who are you?

Jesus for example, is perfect.

The bullseye we aim for, not to seem better, but to be better.

“To sin” is an archers term, means “to miss the mark”.

Sin often seems harmless, attractive even.

The fruit looked good to Eve, remember?

But it wasn’t.

And it sprung forth all sorts of stipulations and unlocked a bunch of clauses that were not in the Original Contract.

The devil won’t tempt you with broccoli. That is, unless you enjoy broccoli.

So I’ll ask again, who are you?

Think about it...

To me, the answer is clear.

You are a creator, a derivative of The Creator.

Matter of fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that you’re a god. (Psalm 82:6)

So act like one. Stop stooping to the low bar of modern society.

Admit that you’re broken, but understand that we all are.

Simply recognize your position of eternal indebtedness, and allow God to pay the tab. To clear the books. To free you from a life of slavery.

I personally believe that whatever paradise we missed out on way back when in the Garden of Eden will be fully restored in due season.

Though, we can’t just waltz before the Creator of the universe after this life is over like it’s sweet.

Remember, God is perfect. And we are not.

When Jesus was dying on the cross, remember what He said?

“My God, My God..! Why have you forsaken me?!”

God cant even look at sin, let alone condone it. Even if it’s his only son.

Like, damn.

And what’s wild to me is that we had the real thing… a being fully realized and operating in a paradigm of love. But we were so scared that we killed him.

Not too different from today I guess.

ut, there’s good news. (John 3:16)

God’s perfection demanded a perfect sacrifice to bridge the gap between Himself and His creation. Something that would transform us into pure gold.

Jesus is the only human being to have ever existed that was adequately suited for the mission, and lucky for us, He took it, remaining in love to the end.

Even as they nailed bro, he was praying for them.

That’s madness. Literally, Jesus would probably be diagnosed with a mental disease if he lived today. Folks just don’t understand that type of love anymore, seems foreign.

And in a way, it is. This unconditional love is a supernatural manifestation of our ability to remain connected to The Source of all life.

So now, we have a toll free direct line to the Dude who coded our DNA.

We are not doomed to an infinity spent apart from all that is good, we’ve been saved, from ourselves.

Isn’t that something worth going a little crazy for?

I dunno.

Maybe it’s just me.

I like big ideas and I cannot lie.