Find Your Creative Medium

4 min readJun 10, 2019

Me·di·um [ˈmēdēəm]

An agency or means of doing something.

Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh

“Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas.”

Donatella Versace

Lets Begin

To find your medium means to discover an authentic means of expression, to find your metaphorical canvas and begin painting.

To be a creator, means to actualize one’s true identity. This identity is usually found only upon deep contemplation and observation; and is rooted in eternity.

The narrative we’ve been led to believe over the past few decades of “left vs right brain” is misleading at best. The truth is, we are all artists.

Of course, we think in different ways. We have experienced different lives to be sure.

But one of the great scientists of our time was, by many accounts, “right brained” or artistic, in his approach. This odd way of solving problems by visualizing them eventually led to the discovery of his world-famous theory on relativity.

Einstein decided that his medium was letters, numbers and variables — for they could provide the most thoughtful way to communicate the genius of his insights.

We often think of fields such as mathematics, medicine or physics are static or ‘non-artsy’.

1+2 always equals 3, and E has always equaled mc2.

But in doing so, we discount the grand achievements and contributions of humanities early thinkers, whose strokes of genius we stand upon today as mere assumptions of existence.

The same goes for all forms of art. When we are able to see and expand upon the works of great musicians, poets, philosophers, and painters; we are able to move the culture forward.

If all we do is copy, or worse discount — then we don’t have very many places to go but back.

Thus, in order to remain true to ourselves during this course of human evolution, we cannot rely on old ways of thinking to save us.

We must creatively connect good ideas to make better ones, improve upon dated solutions to begin anew, all while allowing our originality and creativity to lead us past old modes to new heights.

“Work, buy, consume, sleep”

Not me.

I think we are past due for an upgrade.

Remember, you are a creator

So, it’s time you start thinking like one.

Brain Games

According to Dr. Andrew Newberg, there’s more communication going on between the left and right hemispheres of the brain that previously understood, and especially in people who are highly creative.

“There’s more flexibility in their thought processes, more contributions from different parts of the brain”

First step of graduating from consumer to creator is to begin engaging your brain in new ways. To be creative is to find new connections where there were none, and at the microscopic level, your brain is trying to do the same. So let it.

When we get locked into routine, we reinforce our already deep seeded neurological connections. Akin to a hiking trail, we continue to wear down an already familiar path.

Creative thinking beckons us outside of our comfort zones. In part this means accepting that your locus of control is far narrower than you would maybe like it to be, but by focusing solely on what you can impact — you bypass all the stress associated with external pressures and can get right to the center of a matter.

“…when our minds wander . . . there’s more room for creative growth because the frontal cortex goes offline…”

The previous quote by Dr Pillay exposes another important truth, we are most creatively inclined when our minds are unburdened.

When going for a walk, daydream, or take a long shower; it seems in these spaces of unencumbered free thought that novel ideas we previously toiled over simply “come to us”

According to Dr. Pillay, there are three things primarily that will help you find your creativity and inspiration, and I highly suggest you try one out when you inevitably run into a rough patch in your process; doodling, daydreaming, and dabbling.

Weird, I know.

But the fact is, the way schools have ‘taught’ us offer little to no bearing in reality. Our wide eyed explorers or ADD prone genius’ have been beat into submission by our grand public school system that prioritizes right answers over right thinking.

You are actually more productive when you take the time and allow your brain to recover, go figure. Great ideas don’t to come when you’re narrowly focusing on them.

“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.”

John Maynard Keynes

So –

1. Revisit your list of strengths/passions.

2. Think deeply about the “why”.

3. Follow artists you admire.

4. Find space in your day to let your mind wander.

5. Create something dope.

6. Know that you are the shit

7. Hit publish.

And finally, don’t forget to doodle.

Have a happy self-discovery.

About the author:

Hello. My name is Toso Mohammed Haruna — or, “Sanni” for the uninitiated. I’m a poet, a writer, a founder, a podcast host …and a follower of Jesus Christ.

Some folks would like me to keep that last part out, but I can’t.

It’s crucial to how I identify and move about in this confusing mess of a world. So, if you’d like to judge, watch, or connect; feel free to do so on either LinkedIn or Twitter. Much love, now and always.