I hope, we remember.

That these periods of passion

(However quaint, however common)

Underlie our potential for peace.

Justify our path to truth.

And open up our hearts to Love.

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I sit at my cluttered desk today, in a state of suspended action.

Recording and deleting sections of my psyche in the form of tweets.

Intermittent interactions render reckless better sensibilities.

Like foreplay for the righteous mind.

The real party begins, when I see you again.

But for now, we dance.

Unsure of what tomorrow brings.

Still, certain of just one thing —

We are.


And I suppose nothing else really matters after that.

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The sun rose again today.

My life comprises of intervals,

Moments that turn to months

As time speeds past stop signs.

I try.

To slow it down.

Thoughts petrify splintered souls as clocks continue to tick.


Spaces between do and done stretch like the horizon of a black hole.

I cannot see the end.

But they say that it’s near.

Sometimes I pray they’re right.

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I guess my definition is government by the capital itself. Think Cardano with governance coded into the actual currency. The protocols and uses and communities and ideas become driven purely by an algorithm. Independent of individual idiosyncrasies, just a pure money play. My fear is that what we call capitalism is actually "soft" socialism where the rich and powerful make rules we all have to agree to.

Make Africa Great Again

This is mostly a transcript, though I added a few sources and graphs for your viewing pleasure. To catch the full episode and listen along — check out my podcast — .

The griot has been a staple in African culture for millennia.

Ancient African Griot — or storyteller

From ancient…

My top 10 picks for a permissionless future.

(This is a transcript. For the actual podcast episode, listen on )

I’m what you’d call — a noob.

I didn’t go to school for computer science or machine learning or cryptography.

I barely understand basic calculus, or programming, and I’m by…

From time to time in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for an individual to dissolve political bands with former associates and assume Power in their own right.

When such a time presents itself, that man or woman should proceed to declare the causes which impel such separation.

Toso Haruna

I like big ideas and I cannot lie.

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